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New year’s resolutions don’t work

As per the title of this post, I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. Any date you can put a “magic” start time on, is a date you can prepare a dozen excuses not to make once the date comes up.

That’s why I like to make changes all year around: this week, it was cycling out old hardware. 

This picture represents the past and the present, not the future!

The items in green are older Intel NUC units that I retired over the Christmas break. One is a 2nd gen Core i3 NUC, the other is an original 1st gen Intel nuc ATOM! Both saw active duty on my home network, but were tool old to keep paying the power bill for

The items in blue are units i’ll keep for the moment. All of the items in green/blue are sat upon two larger Antec cases. These large Antec cases are the core lab servers:

The first is a Win 2016 / Hyper-V host is a 3rd gen Core i5-based system with 24 GB RAM The 2nd is an ESXi 6.5 host with is a 2nd gen Core i5-based system 24 GB RAM (ancient!)

Both will be retired in Q1 of 2019. both are still running fine, but i’m keen to reduce the number of larger tower units i’ve got running at home, so am in the process of switching over to smaller / faster units.



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