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Stress + coffee + covid 19 = OMGERD

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This post is not about giving people advice on what to eat//drink. If you’re reading this, you’re online, and I’m sure bombarded with health advice every day, especially under COVID-19, as there are more people at home who are idle for are searching for and touting answers

For me, health advice is confusing and seemingly endless. I will share my bit, you can read and take what you want from it 🙂 If you have another means by which you’ve resolved your own digestion issues , post it in the comments

I’ve had digestion / acid reflux / bloating issues since I was 22. As i’m now 40, I’ve tried 100’s of natural / holistic / exercise / pharmaceutical cures to resolve my issues. I keep track in my beloved OneNote

With the added stress during the covid-19 lockdown, I’ve found myself having more digestive issues. A
 few weeks back, following a phone consultation with my doc here in Montreal, I got a diagnosis for a condition called GERD which has led me to adopt a low-acid diet. I read through the following book which gave me a set of rules to follow for 30 days, and then another set of more relaxed rules in the 30 days that followed, and for life!

Prior to the low-acid diet, I was ingesting about 300 mg of caffeine by way of 2 cups of black coffee and at least one energy drink. 400 mg is the max recommended per day dosage for a man of my age (41 next month). Being that close to the upper limit was affecting my sleep, and the chasing the ups and downs of a caffeine high just doesn’t seem ideal for me anymore
I quit on Tuesday May 26, 2020, the next day by about 11 am I started to feel a light headache coming on. I knew what was next, as I usually take a week or so off coffee each year, a massive headache! I took some painkillers, and felt better by the early evening. 

Managing the same tasks as reading technical documents, working with clients, reading emails, checking slack, etc has become easier without coffee, as i’m not riding the ups and downs of the caffeine high. Whatever energy I’ve got when I wake up, is maintained throughout the day. I’m not sleepy, and my mind is not racing, I’m just LEVEL.
Most importantly, following the removal of coffee and following the low-acid diet for all meals, my digestion has improved tremendously 

If you’re struggling with acid reflux , bloating symptoms, consider the above book or other resources on GERD and a low-acid diet. Doing so, might change your life, I know it changed mine for the better 🙂
I feel I’ve un-done my first statement about not giving advice with my last. Oh well, writing is hard :p

have a good day!

Update for May 2021: One year later, I was taking PPCI medication last year to help with my acid reflux, but I stopped earlier this year. Instead, I’m continuing to follow a low acid diet. I still drink caffeine , but in smaller amounts


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