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Citrix CTA for 2021!

Towards the beginning of the pandemic, I had read some interesting discussions about “staying productive” during the pandemic. At the time, the discussion I was following was on twitter. As you might be aware, no discussion is ever FINAL on twitter. Some folks believed 2020 was a good time to learn a new language, learn to do your own oil filter changes, learn to code, cut your own hair, etc, etc. Others lamented those who could not stay at home perpetually. As I often am with most divisive topics, I was split. I’ve been using Microsoft OneNote to keep my life in order for over ten years, could I check off a few more boxes in 2020? The answer was YES

For 2020, I managed to contribute some good longer blog posts, and was WAY more active on Slack / twitter than in years gone by. I also did a presentation for MyCUGC on the use of Packer to automate windows golden image creation, which was a lot of fun. However, I also had times where I wasn’t as motivated, but I kept my head up, dealt with the gray sky skies by increasing my vitamin D intake and drank a lot of coffee, maybe a bit too much :p

After some consideration, I applied for the Citrix CTA program in October of 2020.

I was inspired to apply for the program, through my friendship with Jonathan Pitre, Canada’s only other CTA . “Why do we only have one, CTA in Canada? ” I used to ask him. No more! Jon is truly an inspiration when it comes to end-user computing / virtualization , if you don’t already follow him on twitter bird, do it now! Even better, favorite his GIT hub, he’s got some incredibly useful PowerShell scripts for automating app installs on your EUC golden images on his GitHUB.

Shameless, plug, Jon/I both work for the same Quebec-based company:

This January, I was admitted into the CTA program! I’m super happy to be involved, and am very much looking forward to contributing more to the community as time goes on

Announcing the new 2021 Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA) awardees! | Citrix Blogs


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