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How I automate windows updates/reboots on my home lab

As my home lab has grown, so has the amount of time that I spend manually patching/rebooting each server, no fun!So last weekend, I came up with a means to automate the process with active directory groups, group policy and powershell. The goals Automate patching / rebooting of all vmware/hyper-v guest operating systems in my homeContinue reading “How I automate windows updates/reboots on my home lab”

Export-STFConfiguration / Import-STFConfiguration fails

On a few new Win 2012 / Win 2016 systems I’ve setup on my home lab over the past week , I’ve noted various error messages on attempting the following simple Powershell cmdlet based process which you would use to export the config of a working StoreFront server to a new StoreFront server. Citrix detailsContinue reading “Export-STFConfiguration / Import-STFConfiguration fails”

Chrome with folder redirection works with only one session

In my previous job, my exposure to Citrix imaging solutions was limited to PVS. So, over the past few days, I’ve been going through the process of setting up MCS in my home lab. To be honest, it’s a pretty great out-of-the-box experience. PVS is a lot of work to setup / maintain, man! 🙂Anyway, IContinue reading “Chrome with folder redirection works with only one session”

Disabling SMB v1 breaks Sonos home NAS support

I’ve had Sonos gear for about 5 years now. 4 units, great little speakers – when they work! Case in point, I disabled SMB v1 on my win 2016 hyper-v based file server this weekend, only to discover that the default (as in only) SMB format that Sonos supports to enumerate/connect to windows shares isContinue reading “Disabling SMB v1 breaks Sonos home NAS support”