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Hyper-V to VMware conversion tips and tricks

As an IT consultant , I’m asked to assist a wide variety of tasks. Last fall , I worked on a project to convert 21 Hyper-V VMs to ESXi. Normally, you’d use the VMware vSphere stand-alone converter for such a task, however, VMware pulled the tool in Feb of 2022, only to add it backContinue reading “Hyper-V to VMware conversion tips and tricks”

Home lab 2022 update – house edition

It’s time for my favorite topic, home planning and upgrading 😁 This article will cover changes I’ve made or have planned based on the move to my house. You can read through in it’s entirety or skip to the respective sections for compute hosts, case/rack, networking, storage, hypervisor choices, desk workspace area, UPS, and monitoringContinue reading “Home lab 2022 update – house edition”