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TEAMS /turbo mode in 2023? Capturing memory usage with a PowerShell one-liner

For the past few years, I’ve repeated the same (somewhat lame) joke about how to optimize teams, it goes like this:

  • Start > Run > Appwiz.cpl
  • Find the entry for ‘Microsoft teams’ > choose ‘un-install’
  • Open your preferred browser > Open
  • Install / join workspace or create new one and send out ‘Teams Exodus’ email

Obviously, this was only half-serious. It’s easier said than done to exit Teams at this point. Like a lot of folks who can contrast the UX of Teams vs slack on a daily basis. From a speed perspective, Slack is unmatched, IMO. Zero latency when typing or when switching between windows. Ever tried to switch between chat windows on teams on a windows device that’s lower-spec’d, like VDI? It’s not great.

The good news!? This week, MS announced they will switch the back-end for Teams from electron to webview2, the technical details of that are probably more relevant for programmers, however, they’ve touted “up to 50%’ reduction in memory use”. Which is a huge claim. No-one should take claims like this at face value. as such, I decided to capture some metrics from my own Teams instance before the webview2 change, at which point I’d lose the previous metrics. I came up with a PowerShell one-liner to represent the following view from windows task manager which shows all the teams instances and their related memory usage

That gives me the following total: 1062 MB, so, 1 GB of memory, my teams instance is totally idle at this time, no video/audio/XLS sheets open

[Math]::Round(((Get-process Teams | select name, @{l="PrivateMemoryMB"; e={$_.privatememorysize / 1MB}}).PrivateMemoryMB | Measure-Object -sum | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Sum),3)

I will update this blog post once I’ve got the new webview2-based Teams install up/running, hopefully my memory usage will be less than 1 GB


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